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Are your carpets needing cleaned?

The Holidays are coming!

With the holidays right around the corner do not forget to schedule your carpet, rug, tile, hardwood, upholstery and drapery cleanings. Allow us to assist you in making your home look its very best for all your holiday guests.

Do Not Let This Happen To Your Weekend

You work hard all week and look forward to the weekend, a time to relax and enjoy family and friends (but you still have to mow the grass!)

But, sometime during the week, you look down. You aren’t happy with the condition of the carpet. So you make a decision to rent a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine from your local grocery store. That’s right… you are going to clean your own carpet. Your goal this weekend is to create a nice, fresh and clean carpet and enjoy a healthier home.

Friday evening arrives. Off you go to your grocery store and you find yourself in front of a bunch of do-it-yourself cleaning machines and the various cleaning solutions available. There are products to put on the carpet before you clean it. There are products to put in the machine with the water. There are other types of products for all kinds of spots and stains. Still others for pet odors. You aren’t sure which ones you will need, so you grab a selection of them and take them to the front of the store to pay.

At the register, while paying for the daily rental of the carpet cleaning machine, you discover the cost of all those cleaning products is about what you spend on food for the family for an entire week. But you aren’t deterred!  You are going to clean your carpet. Nothing will stop you.

So you go home with all your cleaning stuff and get started. It takes all your Saturday and, sad to say, part of your Sunday as well. It’s backbreaking work. You had no idea what sweating was really like. Yet… it looks pretty good when you are done. The bad part is it takes a few days to dry and you yell at the kids to not walk on the carpet. Maybe you thought they could float over it?

Within two weeks, though, the carpet starts to look worse than before it was cleaned. Uh oh… what happened?

You didn’t call your carpet cleaning pro! You know, those who have the training and the very best equipment and cleaning solutions to get the job done right.

Don’t ruin another weekend. Do the smart thing and hire a professional to do what he does best: Clean your carpet.

Care for your Wool Rug

Cleaning Wool Carpet and Rug: Good News? Or Baaaad?
DID YOU KNOW that choosing a wool carpet or rug for your home is both good news… and sometimes bad?

The good news is choosing wool, which is a high quality fiber but not really that popular because of the higher price, means your carpet or rug will last longer, look better and retain value.

The bad news is choosing wool means you won’t see as much dirt on it, and so you may not vacuum or clean it that often — which means your nice, wool carpet or rug may prematurely wear out.

Why is that?

Most consumers base their cleaning frequencies on appearance. That can be dangerous for any carpet or rug, or any surface, for that matter. With wool, the physical makeup of the fiber has the characteristic of hiding dirt, especially those tiny, gritty particles that wear on the fibers. You might compare this to putting sand on a piece of Plexiglas and walking on it. The sand will act as an abrasive, damaging the surface.

While wool fibers won’t damage as quickly as other fibers, such as nylon, polyester or olefin, any type of dirt or soil on them isn’t good news at all.

What you should do is talk to a cleaning professional about cleaning based on frequency, not appearance. Get your cleaning scheduled on a regular basis, and remember that not every situation is the same. Your home may not need as frequent cleaning as another; that’s why a professional opinion is smart.

Yes, wool is good… or baaaad… depending on how you treat it.

While most people concentrate on cleaning floors, counter and table tops, bathroom fixtures and often-used areas of the home, one surface can often be ignored.

And it’s the brightest surface in the home!
That’s right. Light fixtures. Many homeowners spend lots of time (and money) choosing the best fixture for each particular room. Some of them are subdued; others are extravagant. No matter which type you have, when a light shines on or shines through a surface, the dirt shows up and is often magnified. It can look worse than it really is.

So take a minute… look up, and inspect your light fixtures. Do they need some attention?

If so, here are some quick tips to handle those shiny surfaces. Of course, be sure to turn off the lights so the bulbs can cool, and it wouldn’t hurt to disconnect the power for some light fixtures.

Dusting: A simple dusting and dry wiping of glass surfaces can do wonders. Using a duster or cloth treated with a product designed to attract dust helps transfer dust to the cloth.

Washing: If the glass fixtures can be complete removed and separated from the electronic components of the light, you can wash them in a sink of hot, soapy water like any other glass object. Be sure when you do this that you carefully rinse the fixtures and dry them completely, holding them up to light to make sure you remove any streaking.

Reinstalling: This is the opportunity to look for more dust and debris. Look for cobwebs, bugs, and other debris that might be on fixture surfaces separate from the glass. Again, be safe! Make sure the power is off to any fixture you work on.

When everything is clean, neat, and tidy, turn on your lights. You will be amazed how great everything looks.

Of course, when you have any cleaning questions or need in-home cleaning such as for your carpet, furniture, hard floors, and more, don’t forget: It pays to call a pro!

Don’t be tricked this Hall-O-Ween!!

Don’t be tricked by others false promises, schedule your cleanings today and be treated to extremely clean carpets, hardwoods, tile, upholstery, draperies, air ducts and dryer vent!

Cold Weather Is Coming

Cold Weather Comfort

It’s coming. You can probably feel it right now.
 That’s right. Winter! Brrr! For some across the country, this means trying to keep warm and snug in the home.
Some find comfort from their fireplaces. Others might use electric blankets. And others rely on space heaters, either gas powered or electric, to boost the comfort level their regular heating system can’t always provide, especially in sub-zero temperatures.
Space heater safety is very important, as many suffer from accidental fires and burns annually from these necessary devices.
The first consideration is which type of space heater you will choose. Electric models are considered safer than those which use fuel, which can be overturned and quickly cause a fire difficult to extinguish. So be smart when shopping and consider how the heater will be used and if there are children or pets (or clumsy adults) that might tip it over.
Safety features

  • Consider the size and shape of the heater. Lower-profile heaters are more difficult to tip over. Some space heaters are shaped like a tower, and can easily be tipped. Avoid those.


  • While all space heaters should have an automatic turn-off mechanism if tipped over, still do your research and ensure yours has one.
  • If you have children or pets, an outer grill safety feature should be mandatory. You don’t want accidental contact burns to occur.

Safety tips

  • Measure the area you wish to heat and make sure the device you purchase is sufficient for the space. An overworked heater can be dangerous. And one that is too large for a room can overheat the room and be uncomfortable.


  • When purchasing a fuel-fired heater, never fill it while the device is on. Open flames are dangerous. Use appropriate, approved containers to carry the fuel.


  • When purchasing an electric heater, make sure it is plugged into a three-prong outlet that is grounded. Any extension cords you use must be able to handle the current your heater will need. Be sure to ask an expert about this.


  • Common sense dictates keeping any flammable materials away from the heater, such as furnishing, draperies, etc.


  • When you turn the heater off, give it plenty of time to cool down before touching or moving it.

But if anything does happen, such as a fire or smoke damage, then it’s time to get some professional help. Call your disaster restoration experts. After all, it pays to call a pro!

Winter Is Coming!

Do not get stuck inside your house without a deep cleaning!


Pet Stains and Odors

We love our pets and mishaps happen. However, no gimmick in a bottle can remove the uric acid from the pile and foundation of your area rug. Uric acid will dry-up in crystalized form and will not only damage your rug’s fiber; it will always remain as the source of bad odors. Area rugs with pet urine require a deep thorough wash and uric acid removal. Removing the urine means releasing the acid from the fibers and not masking it with over powering perfumes. Uric acid can also burn the delicate rug fibers and cause permanent staining. Immediate cleaning of an area rug exposed to pet urine by a professional rug cleaner can reduce the chance of a permanent stain.

If the rug with pet urine is properly cleaned in a timely manner, there is a good chance stains will come out. If pet stains are persistent or permanent, an experienced rug cleaning and repair company can perform restoration of the affected area. Repairs may include color correction via re-dyeing the damaged area, or re-weaving. If you use of the shelf cleaning products, or home remedies, you will be further settling the stain and causing more damage and costly repairs. Always seek a professional area rug cleaner with pet stain and odor removal guarantee.

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